Whenever you and your Ford model need support, the team at Colin Easson Motors is here to help. Our on-site service centre have state-of-the-art facilities, enabling us to quickly spot, identify and fix any issues with your vehicle. From minor bumps and scratches to full accident repair, bringing your Ford to us guarantees that it’s in the best possible hands. We are able to service and work on ANY make and model of car, please do get in touch to find out more.

The Ford technicians at our dealerships have completed full training, and they know each model inside out. We check over every Ford that comes to our service centres with an expert eye, and can pinpoint things you may not even have noticed before they become major problems. All of the work we carry out is completed with only genuine Ford parts and fully approved by the manufacturer.

Those parts and accessories can be bought separately from the showroom team whenever you need them. There’s always a large range in stock to fit your Ford like a glove. Our team has built strong relationships with our suppliers and partners, meaning that we can source the best items and parts for you at the best local prices.

No matter what services you need from us – or when – you can count on us to work precisely and give you a cost-effective solution. Finance packages, discounts and special offers are all frequently provided to bring you greater value for money, saving you even more over the life of your Ford model.

We adhere to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Code of Practice. In addition, We Our independently Checked by the RAC Who check the correct practices our being adhered to when your vehicle is being serviced. We are very proud that we have a 100% Pass rate.

Why Ford Scheduled Service

To maintain that 'new car feeling' your Ford vehicle needs to be regularly serviced in keeping with Ford scheduled service intervals. At Colin Easson Motors our service departments featured Ford trained technicians as well as Ford Master Technicians, Ford OEM parts, and all the latest software and recall updates. What's more a regular main dealer service will help make sure your Ford is running as smoothly as possible keeping fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions within Ford standards and ultimately saving you money on the cost of running your car. As such there's no better reason to have your Ford serviced by the best in the business.

What's included in a Ford Scheduled Service?

All Ford scheduled services include a 30-point FORD eCHECK, a thorough visual inspection by one of our trained technicians to identify anything on your Ford that needs attention .

The exact content of a service will vary by vehicle and mileage, but a full report of all checks will be given to you when the service is complete, so you can rest in the knowledge your Ford is in tip-top shape.

How does a scheduled service help?

  • Oil Change and correct oil type - whilst this doesn't sound very exciting did you know that old oil or the incorrect oil will affect both engine wear and CO2 emissions! An oil check and change during your service can help reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3%!
  • Correct tyre pressure - correctly inflated tyres can save you £37 of fuel a year, it can also reduce tyre wear and help with stopping distances and traction. All Colin Easson Motors service department have highly accurate pressure
  • Air Filter Check - Blocked filters cause the engine to work harder and therefore can increase its CO2 emissions. During a service your filters will checked and replaced if necessary, making sure your engine gets the right amount of clean air to maximise efficiency.

All of this whilst using manufacturer approved fluids and Ford parts, to make sure you always feel like your Ford is as new as the day you collected it.

Ford Scheduled Service is available from £180.00.


One easy number to access all of the Ford Services 24/7.

Whatever you need, Ford One Call can connect you to all our services, including:

  • Ford Roadside Assistance
  • Ford Accident Management
  • Ford finance and insurance
  • Plus, Dealer locations, technical information and more

Make sure you save this number:
FORD One Call 0203 564 4444

Free 30-point FORD eCHECK

A free 30-point visual Health Check to give you a comprehensive picture of your car’s health.

FORD eCHECK provides a thorough visual inspection of your car, including its wheels and tyres, bodywork, wiper blades, oil and filter, brakes and hubs, steering and suspension, so you know if anything needs attention.

Find out more information about the FORD eCHECK and book your next Ford Service.

UK & European Roadside Assistance

Every Ford vehicle comes with 12 months UK & European Roadside Assistance from the date of registration. This can be extended for a further 12 months or until your next service is due when your vehicle has a Scheduled service at a participating Ford Dealer, and you’ll also get added peace of mind, because if you do break down you’ll get expert roadside support: wherever you are in Europe.

Ford Service Activated Roadside Assistance is available at participating dealers only and covers you for 12 months, or until your next service is due, whichever comes first.

Find out more about Ford UK and European Roadside Assistance.